Lighting Mistakes To Avoid On Your Big Wedding Day

Photography is of utmost importance in a wedding since the pictures that you get clicked give you memories of a lifetime. And to make sure that your photos and videos come fantastic, you hire the best photographers and see to it that they do a great job.

However, when it comes to pictures, not only the photographer, but there are some things that you must keep in mind as well. And one such thing is lighting. Lighting can either make or break your wedding pictures. So here are some common lighting mistakes that you must avoid on your big day.

Choosing inappropriate decor:

When you go to the venue to finalize the decor, discuss the decor with the photographer before finalizing it since decor matters a lot when it comes to lighting. It is so because if you pick bright colored drapes, the light tends to seep through these drapes, which will affect the photographs clicked in that light. So don't forget to consult with your photographers before finalizing the decor.

Not working on the light placement:

Yes, you love disco lights and bright lights, but remember to opt for warm lights for good pictures on your main day. Make sure to have warm lights at the mandap since a plethora of pictures is going to be clicked there. And if you want to use vibrant lights, then use that for sangeet or cocktail functions.

Not trusting the team:

Trust the photographers and the vendors when it comes to lightings. Explain your idea to them, the shots you want, the kind of lighting you are looking for, etc. They may not be able to do everything you want, but they will work around it and take a final call with all the adjustments! They are professionals for a reason.

Not having someone to supervise the setup:

You already have a lot to do during the wedding and hence cannot pay full attention to the lighting. Due to this, things don't pan out as discussed. To avoid this, ask a friend or a relative to manage the lighting when vendors and photographers do the setup. Brief them about what was discussed and ask them to take charge of it. This way, you can get ready in peace while others take care of the setup.

Opting for low or dim Lighting: Many couples opt for fairy lights or soft dim lights for that romantic vibe. However, these lights don't go well with the pictures. So to avoid this, make sure that there are enough lights at your wedding venue so that the photographers can do their job well. But if you still want those fairy lights, make sure that you speak to your lighting team and have extra lights placed strategically, this will keep the vibe while giving you enough light for the photographs.

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