8 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding date is fixed and so is your wedding venue. While you have already started looking for outfits and jewellery, you still haven’t picked up the right photographer who matches your choice of aesthetics. While you have gone through a thousand recommendations by friends and families, you still do not know how to go about the final process of eliminating and selecting the best photographers of the lot.

If you are worried about ever being able to make a decision here and get out of this mayhem, worry not, because we are here with our list of the top X questions to ask your wedding photographers which will not only help you select the best team that matches your style but also understand their work better. Read on...

Will you be free to shoot on the specified dates?

Before anything else, ask the photographers if they are available on the dates of your wedding. If you’re planning a destination wedding, then you also need to make sure they are ready to shoot at the location, and if they’ll be charging extra for the logistics and if the accommodation needs to be provided by you.

How many weddings of the same type have you shot for till now?

It is essential to understand how experienced your photographer is in shooting the type of wedding you are having. You only get one chance to click striking wedding pictures, so definitely don’t want to be stuck with somebody who doesn’t really have much experience at hand in shooting certain rituals specific to your culture.

Can you share some of your previous work with me?

Ask the photographers to share some of their previous work with you. Also, specifically ask for complete wedding albums as they help you how the team will be able to shoot your wedding start to end. Through this, not only will you get to see the quality of the pictures, but you also get to assess their style of editing the pictures and see if it matches your aesthetics as well.

Have you handled a wedding of a similar size before?

From intimate celebrations to big fat occasions, the size of a wedding guestlist plays a huge role in determining how it’s shot. While a small, intimate event would call for more personalised shots focussing on emotions like smiles and tears, a large scale function would need a huge team focussing upon the decor, guests and other nitty gritties.

If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an additional charge?

Wedding photography is not only about clicking the bride and groom in the mandap but much more than that. There are the getting ready pictures, candid shots, family shots, happy shots with the bridesmaids, guests having fun and not to forget the end bit when the bride’s family sees her off. There are times when a few rituals get delayed here and there and functions get extended. Mention this to your photographer and see if they would or would not mind waiting a few extra hours and would charge more for the same.

What will be the size of the team accompanying you?

If you are having a grand wedding, then you'll at least need three to four photographers to cover the entire wedding. It's best to clarify your needs, wedding size and other things well in advance so that the photographer can prep his team accordingly and you can make the necessary arrangements.

What are the different add-on services you offer and how much do you charge for them?

Wedding photographers usually also have some extra, add-on services they offer. From same day edits, live screening on the LED to online live screening for friends who couldn’t attend the wedding, ask for the extra services they can offer to you. Your wedding photographer will always be more than happy to help you with something more and you can always negotiate the prices for the same with them.

How long will you take to give me the final set of pictures/video?

Don't forget to ask about the delivery timelines. While some photographers offer same day edits, some might take a lit longer for the final set of processed images. It’s always safe to discuss these timelines well in advance so you know how long you and your family have to wait before reliving your special moments.

Will you provide me with a printed album at the same price or does it include only softcopies?

When it comes to wedding photography, photographers share edited images on the drive or give it to you in a Pendrive. They provide a printed album only if the customer asks for it. So you need to make sure to ask the photographer if there are any extra charges that you have to spend on the printed album or it's inclusive in the package.

Do I have to pay the entire amount together or can I pay in installations?

Some photographers accept a token before the function, one part after the function, and the remaining amount when they handover the soft copies. However, there are a few photographers who only take payment in one shot. So if you are planning to pay in instalments, it's better to ask your photographer about the payment system in advance.

What equipment will you be shooting with?

When it comes to wedding photography, every photographer has a set of equipment that they use to get the magnificent shots. Hence, you must ask them about the camera they are using, the tripod and lights they plan to use, and if or not they are using a gimbal or some sort of stabiliser for some shots.

Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?

You cannot specify every image you'd like to take throughout the day, but most photographers like to know if you have certain shots in mind that you would want them to click. It can be family photos, photos with your bridesmaids, and so on. Also, make sure to inform them about the choreographed first dance, or if you have planned any surprise for your partner, so they don't miss out on the details.

Would you mind if I have another photographer/videographer too? Will you be able to coordinate with them while shooting?

At times, people do hire one person for photography, and a separate person for videography. And if you intend to do so, then this question is vital for you, since it’s always nice to have vendors who are comfortable working with one another.

Will you want to check out my wedding venue in advance?

Ask your photographer if they want to visit the wedding venue in advance since this will allow them to familiarize themselves with the layout, lighting, and learn if there are any restrictions from the venue.

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