Why you should get a pre-wedding shoot done and how you can prepare for it?

Pre-wedding shoots are slowly getting popular in India. When it comes to shoots, some couples like to pose in their PJs while gorging some pizzas, while others like to venture to dreamy locations like Dubai, Shimla or even Lonavala for their pre-wedding shoots. Different people have different tastes, but what matters the most is the joy that you see on their face while posing for the camera.

Couples go all out, experimenting with these shoot ideas. They research the outfits, location, hair and makeup and much more. However, at times, some couples are quite puzzled about whether they should be having a pre-wedding shoot or not. And if you are one of them, then here are some reasons why going ahead with the pre-wedding shoot is a great idea. And here's how you can prepare for it.

Reasons why you should have a pre-wedding shoot?

Being romantic with your partner otherwise is fine, but when it comes to portraying the same in front of the camera, couples tend to get a bit conscious. If you're camera-friendly, it's great but if you are not, then this is a good chance to start making yourselves used to the camera since it'll be focusing on you throughout the wedding.

More clicks mean more memories: Usually, couples have to wait for months for their wedding album, but when it comes to pre-wedding shoot pictures, you get within a week from the shoot. Those pictures are a perfect amalgamation of embarrassing and funny moments you and your partner have experienced. You'll not only get to add more pictures to the album, but you'll also get to cherish them.

You'll know your photographer better: Many couples tend to meet their photographer on the day of their wedding, but in this case, if you have booked the same photographer for all the occasions, then you get to know him better during the pre-wedding shoot. You allow your photographer to put his creativity to the test by proposing some angles, poses, background and locations for you. You get comfortable with him, and it also helps him to know you guys better.

You get a chance to dress up:

Many couples also choose pre-wedding shoots as their dress rehearsal and turn up in some traditional clothes with complete hair and makeup. It is so because this also allows them to get comfortable with the clothes and makeup. The images will show you how you look and if you want to make any modifications for the main day, this dress rehearsal will help you do so too.

You get candid shots:

Usually, during the wedding, the photographer will ask you to strike a certain pose, which might end up looking like a formal shot. But when it comes to a pre-wedding shoot, it allows a happy compromise, giving the couple and the photographer a full day to get candid moments in a relaxed environment.

Here's how you can prepare for the pre-wedding shoot: Budget and location: Before finalising the date for the shoot, you should not only finalise the location well in advance but also discuss the cost of the shoot with the photographer.

Props: Depending on the location of the shoot, you should make a list of props that you would need. It will give you enough time to arrange the props, and source it if required.

Research poses: If you want to go all out and be yourself, then that's great, but if you have some vision in mind, then it's better to research about the poses and learn them as well. It is better to do so in advance so that your photographer has a good idea of what you need.

Backup location:

This is extremely important. If you are unable to reach the location for some reason, then you should have a backpack arrangement ready too. And for that, you need to finalise a backup location in advance. Outfit:

Once you have a fair idea of what you want your pictures to look like, you can also put in some time to decide your outfit. Outfits should go with the theme or the location, and for that, you should get your outfits ready in advance to avoid any inconvenience on the day of the shoot.

Sleep well and stay hydrated:

You need to take a good amount of rest before the shoot so that you don't look tired on the main day. Also, remember to hydrate yourself well so that your skin glows even more.

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